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Salary Of Carpenters In UK

Salary Of Carpenters In UK - Rates for 2017-2018

 Carpenters in UK can make a good living, once they are into the industry for a substantially long time. On an average, the average national salary of carpenters in UK is around £31, 787. However, the pay scale of carpenters is subjected to a lot of variation, depending on the skills they possess. While certain professionals are expert in dealing with joinery, others may focus on staircases and furniture. Certain carpenters have good repairing skills, while others concentrate on specialized domains. As a master carpenter, one may be able to tackle all these tasks. The salary of carpenters increases along with experience. In fact, carpenters in UK keep on learning the skills throughout their careers. Professionals with more than 20 years of experience earn the most. On an average, their salary can reach up to £37,500 a year, while they work under a company. A large section of carpenters in UK prefers to establish their individual careers after gaining good experience in the industry. Independent carpenters are in great demand in the country, particularly when they master the core skills.

Variations in the salary of carpenters in UK

The salary of carpenters in UK greatly depends on the nature of work they do. The location of the company also casts an influence on the wage rates. For instance, companies with a moderate profile offers a starting salary of £12-15 per hour to a carpenter in his mid-career. Again, an established company will readily provide a minimum wage of £20 per hour to the professional. On an average, a carpenter in UK makes around £120 to £150 a day, depending on his professional skills and the platform he is associated with.

Data showing employment trends in relation to experience

According to statistical data, an interesting trend of employment of carpenters can be noted. Most of the carpenters join a company as a trainee, or apprentice. They work there for a few years and gather experience. Only 1% of the carpenters belong to this category. They earn around £8 per hour. After a few years, they can approach companies offering salaries around £10- £12 per hour. They can make more than £100 a day. 24% of the carpenters belong to this category, with 2 to 4 years of experience in the industry. They can join better companies as they gather more experience and enjoy an increment in the salary. After working with the companies for 7 to 9 years, they master most of the core skills and can earn up to £15 per hour. Around 20% of the professionals belong to this group. Carpenters with experience between 10 to 19 years form 29% of the total number of professionals in the industry. Now, as they gather experience, they keep on migrating to the individual careers. Therefore, the percentage of employed carpenters with more then 20 years of experience drops to 26%.

 Carpenter Day rate and salaries

Another important aspect to be noted, individual carpenters seem to earn much more than the salaried professionals. They can approach better platforms and individual clients. However, they do not get the benefits that employed carpenters get. For instance, they need to arrange for their own insurance. Apart from this, they need to get their own equipment, unlike the carpenters working with various companies. Other skills like scaffolding, flooring and working on door frames also influence the salary of carpenters in UK.
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