Friday, 24 July 2015

How to Make Simple Pinhole Camera

It's not difficult to construct a workable pinhole camera. You need, first of all, a closed box. It can be a box of almost any size—a pillbox, matchbox, shoe box, or cylinder-shaped cereal box. Spray paint the inside with black paint. This prevents reflected light from ruining your photograph.

In one end of the box, cut a hole about the size of a dime. Take a 1 y2-inch square of aluminum foil and make a pinhole in the exact center of it. Use a sewing needle to make the hole. Using black m asking tape, tape the square of aluminum foil over the dim e-shaped hole you created earlier.
For a shutter,* make a flap over the pinhole out of a short strip of black tape and a square of dark paper. The black tape serves as the flap's hinge. Whenever you're not taking a picture, use a second piece of tape to tightly close the shutter.

You m ust load your camera in the dark or by using a photography safelight. Cut a piece of black-and-white photographic paper to match in size the inside end of the box opposite the pinhole "lens." On the back of the paper, place a strip of double sided tape. Mount the paper on the inside end of the box.
To take a photograph, place the camera on a table, chair, or other firm support. Point the lens toward the object you're photographing. Without moving the camera, lift the black flap to uncover the pinhole, exposure* time can last up to a few minutes. You may have to experiment with the size of the pinhole and the amount of exposure time before you get good results.
Be sure to focus on a stationary object — a fire hydrant, tree, or building — when taking the picture. Pinhole cameras aren't meant for action shots.

To unload the paper, again use a dark room. You'll then need to use special chemicals to make the images appear and become permanent. If you don't have these chemicals, you can check with a professional photographer for help.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

5 Crazy Priced Private Number Plates in the UK

Some people loves them some hates them but private number plates are very pricey assets.
Here are some expensive number plates in the UK:

5. '51 NGH': £254,000 ( $395,000 )

4. VIP 1  Costs £285.000 ($443,000)

3.  '1 D': £352,000  ($546,000)

2.  F1 £440,000 ($682,000)

1.  "25 O"  FOR £518,000 ($803,000)

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Compare the Insurance Market for Cheap Car Insurance

Go compare car insurance
When looking for customer promise, Go compare car insurance is a company that you can trust upon with closed eyes. It is easy to use and reliable. Searching for right product gets way too easier through this site and they provide customers with the best product and at the same time at the very right price.
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No more you have to keep searching from one site to another for any kind of car insurances as here you will be able to get in touch with all the best of car insurances under the sun. At the same time customers get the opportunity to make great deals and savings too! This is one site which is simply balanced and unbiased in approach and you do not have to worry about getting bluffed anymore. Go compare car insurance provides customers the confidence to read through the features of the products they are interested in, and gauge the price list and make it estimation about what suits their requirements best. There is simply no scope of biasness here.
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The site under no way makes false assumptions hence customers can be rest assured that they will get nothing but the best of carinsurance deals from this site providing customer satisfaction at every step.
 Compare the Market

Compare the market car insurance
This website is a leader in the field of insurance and provides customers with informed choice. Whatever your need for the day is and the kind of insurance you are looking out for, this is definitely the place to be.

Customers can now breathe easy as they will be able to get car, travel, home, pet, business, vehicle, life and finance related insurance right here itself. This website provides customers to browse through a flotilla of insurance products and everything gets chosen, clicked and bought online, in just a matter of minutes, yes it is that easy! They help in comparing the best of rates from their panel of eminent insurers and then only after making a proper judgment as per the customer’s needs and budget line, they provide relevant insurances. This helps customers to live at peace as this not only ends up saving a lot of time, but at the same time the best of rates are placed under their eyes. This is the best of place to keep check and stay in control, getting the best of deals thus helping people save bundles of worries. It is now your time, to keep in check and stay in control and get to view the best of insurance policies all under a single site.

Money Supermarket car insurance
MoneySuperMarket is one place where one can make the most of their money and yes this is nothing but the truth! Whatever kind of insurance one is hunting about for car, home, Savings, loans, credit cards, car, travel or life insurance, get it all at MoneySuperMarket.
There is simply no website which offers customers better insurance deal than this one and once you are there, you will understand the real reason why it is growing the trust of customers. In case you are new in the area of home insurance or if you need some guidance and tips to go about with saving process, then you get it all here. This is one perfect site where you get guided systematically with the best of deals. Times are getting tougher and cost of everything is ever on the rise.
Also if one wants some cheap quotes for their home insurance, then there is nothing better than this website. The best part about this site is they provide customers with a range of guides and this helps them to estimate and understand what would work the best for them. They believe in making customers satisfied and they know by staying real and providing what they want, they will end up getting loyalty from their customers. A smile from a customer’s end does really make a huge difference!

Waiver of Premium

Financially aware customers protect their future by investing in pensions, insurance policies and savings plans. These investments can be jeopardised if customers are unable to work and cannot maintain their monthly premiums. Waiver of Premium continues to pay customers’ insurance premiums, pension contributions or savings plans in the event of involuntary unemployment, accident or illness. Successful claimants can be confident that their contributions will be continuously paid and they won’t risk losing their accumulated benefits.

Best Car Insurance Companies 2014

1. Saga - 90.92% overall

It would be pretty fine to say that Saga has stood in an outstanding place in 2014’s Driver Power and this is what makes it an ultimate winner. The insurer basically provides the best of policies to drivers who are more than 50 years of age and had ended up winning three categories and has fared truly well. 
It provides successful insurance so that it can break 90% barrier and has managed to earn it position under the top ten slots. One quite satisfied policyholder of Saga stated that they are always courteous and polite over the phone and do their best to provide customers with the best of deals. 
2. Royal & Sun Alliance - 89.66% overall

After browsing through the scorecard we have come to the conclusion that there has been an improvement in every category. It comes with two per cent combined percentage and it is outside the top four in one of the categories. There is no doubt that policy holders are very much impressed with RSA covers and claim process that is nothing but simply outstanding and smooth. One of the customers stated that the company has always been standing for the customer and has provided assistance as and when needed. 

3. Frizzell - 87.66% overall

There is no doubt that Frizzell's ranking is great and when it comes to settling of a claim it is a leader. At the same time the company provides reliable online ordering categories. However, there are a few areas where Frizzell needs to work on for example; informing customers regarding any claim at the 20th place do not make a good impression and it should work on area of ordering taking through telephone. A customer also stated that it leaves loads of things to be desired especially when the mode of contact is a phone and the customer had to do immense groundwork. 
4. LV - 87.57% overall

Liverpool Victoria has another outstandingly positive year as it climbs into the top five slots without any fault and clean record. Motorists find it tough to complain or criticize about their cover. One of the customers also stated that LV is lucid and clear, ever willing to help and has no legal jargon to worry about. Also when you have a claim, the cover provider is ever willing to help you out. One of the Driver Power respondents also stated that he came up with a claim for extensive damage at one end of the car but they were very much polite and splendid about the entire episode. Everything went wonderfully!

5. NFU Mutual - 86.56% overall

If you wish to go for phone ordering, then NFU Mutual is undeniably great. However for speed settling claim, it is not quite beneficial at all. However, it has always been applauded and extolled for its “business-like” approach and great product range with a good specialist car cover. Even though it is not quite cheap, one of the customers stated that they provide utmost respect to their customers and value them not just as ‘premiums’ but as people. 

6. Co-operative - 86.47% overall

We had stated in the previous year that Co-operative Insurance could do much better and can improve, if it focused more on its strengths and it seems they did go with our advice. 
Overall they provide competent and great service, show responsiveness and kindness and did really well 2014. It landed in the 6th position which is not at all bad. It can work on its phone ordering service however drivers were content with their overall cover. One also stated that they are quite close to being known as being the cheapest and provide great value for money. They also worked and served the customer in the best possible way. 

7. Marks & Spencer - 85.49% overall

For Marks & Spencer, it has been an inspiring year as it claims into the top 10 slot and continues with its dominance over its supermarket contenders. In case you are hunting to make a claim, then M&S did rank well in the area of communication and speed throughout its process. Even though the insurance industry generally is disparaged for its high renewal quotes, M&S did a great work here as well. One of the customers also stated that he ended up gaining a loyalty discount in just a matter of a year’s time, and he did not even have to ask for it. Now that is what we call, good quality customer service! 
8. IAM Surety (Adelaide) - 84.69% overall

IAM Surety provides cover for the members who belong to the Institute of Advanced Motorists and was ridiculed in the current year for its processing claims. It was also referred to as being’ atrocious’ by one of its customers and he also has to undergo a lot of strain and aggravation. However others did say good words and applauded it for its cost effectiveness and one of them also reported it as providing outstanding service and value. 

9. Aviva - 84.62% overall

Aviva is working hard and continues to rise up in the chart. Its ratings keep getting better with an excellent telephone experience being the highlighter. Making a claim here is easy and effortless and definitely high on quality. Other list of benefits are competitive pricing, multi-car discounts with high end specialist covers to choose from. One of the customers also stated that they provided him and his entire family with an stupendous cover from quite a reputed company. 

10. Chaucer Direct - 84.53% overall

Chaucer Direct has come up with improvement in possibly every sphere and we regard it as the biggest mover of the year. It provides a great overall experience in every area together with 4 other top 10 places. One of its customers also stated that it is trying to provide cost-effective rate and the best rate across to its customers and their related concerns. The other stated that his repair work was done very fast and he only had to pay for the excess and nothing more. One also suggested that it would turn out to be great if the company has cover for Europe also.