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Amazing Terrifying Animals: Tibetian Mastiff

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Early Greek Civilizations and Importance

Minoan civilization

The first great civilization of the Aegean world flourished on the island of Crete. The early inhabitants settled as early as 6000 B.C., but the island reached the height of its power between 2200 b.c . and 1450 B.C. Its wealth was due to its thriving trade with other Bronze Age towns in Greece, the Mediterranean, and in Egypt and Syria. Prosperity also came from the rich Cretan soil which produced oil, grain, and wine in abundance. The economy was based around rich palaces, the remains of which have been found in different parts of the island. This peaceful Cretan civilization is known as Minoan after a legendary king of Crete called Minos. Knossos and the other palaces were all destroyed by fire in about 1700 b.c ., but after that they were rebuilt even more luxuriously. From then until about 1500 B.C., Minoan civilization was at its height.

The Mycenaean civilizations

(before iron tools and weapons cam e into use), had several important centres, including Mycenae. Mycenae, city of Agamemnon, was one of several heavily fortified strongholds. The lorn, or chief, lived in a palace with many rooms which served as a military headquarters and a centre of administration for the surrounding mountainside. Tne Mvcenaeans were warriors, and weapons and armor have been found in their graves. Thev were also great traders and sailed far and wide. Their civilization reached the height of its power in about 1600 bc . and eclipsed the Minoan civilization of Crete. All seemed secure and prosperous, but around 1250 b.c . the Mvoenaeans started to build huge defensive walls around all the major towns. The Mycenaean world was under threat from foreign invaders. By about 1200 tx. the dties began to be abandoned or destroyed. Within 100 years the Mycenaean strongholds had fallen and a period often called the Dark Ages had begun.

To Troy and back

 In Troy today, there is a modem replica of the Trojan horse. It is very large and, like the ancient one, is made of wood. Children can dimb a ladder into its stomach and pretend to be Creek soldiers.

 Troy withstood the Greeks' siege for ten long years. In the end, the Greeks triumphed by a trick. They constructed a huge wooden horse which they left just outside the city. The Trojans then watched the Greek army sail away, and overcome with curiosity, dragged the horse inside the city walls. Late that night, Greek soldiers, hidden inside the horse, crept out and opened the city gates. The Greek army, which had silently returned, entered and destroyed the city. This picture of the horse comes from a pot of about 650-600 b.c .

 The story of Troy and the wooden horse has been a favourite with artists through the centuries. Italian artist Giovanni Tiepolo (1696-1770), painted more than one version of the subject.
German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann (1S22-ISB0). discovered the site of ancient Troy near tte Mediterranean coast in modem Turkey. He had bees ioofciag for it for many years. His excavations revealed not jocundity.
 Rich Mycenaean towns and palaces fell into a decline or were destroyed, trade with the east decreased, and Greece entered a dark age. During the next few centuries, stories of the great Mycenaean civilization which had gone I before were handed down from one generation to the next in the form of poems. Two of them, The Iliad and The Odyssey, have survived. They reached their final form in the eighth century b.c. at the .hands of the poet Homer, whose poetry was admired throughout the Greek world. The Iliad describes how a city called Troy, on the west coast of modem Turkey, was besieged by a Greek army led by King Agamemnon of Mycenae. It describes the heroic deeds of Greek and Trojan soldiers like Achilles and Hektor. The Odyssey tells the story of the return home from the Trojan War of one Greek hero, Odysseus. It took him ten years and he had many dangerous adventures. The Homeric stories reflect real incidents of wars, battles, and sieges from an earlier age. It is probable that war was waged between the Greeks and the Trojans, possibly over the ownership of lands and crops at a time when the Mycenaean world was falling apart, and not over the recapture of Helen.

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Tips to overcome Your Fears and Make an Investment in Property

Want to Buy a House? -Tips to overcome Your Fears and Make an Investment in Property

Have you ever wondered why some people hesitate to invest in house or property though they like to own a house or property? Or are you also one among them? Do you wonder how some people keep on acquiring more and more property?

If you try to analyze the psychology behind these two behaviors, then you will understand that these two behaviors are linked to two psychological factors -
Fear is the main reason for the behavior of the first group of people who hesitate to buy house or property. It is the fear of losing money invested or the property itself that keeps people away from making an investment in property.
The power to understand and control the fears associated with investing in property is the main reason for the behavior of the second group of people who acquire more and more property.

So if you understand your fears (problems) and try to control (solve) it, then you can make your dreams (owning a house or property) come true.

Understanding Fear

There are a lot of fears that are associated with buying property. Most of the fears people have in this respect are justifiable also. These fears are one the same which entrepreneurs face while starting a new venture. In business, these fears are termed as Risks. Entrepreneurs understand and calculate to an extent the risk involved in their venture and takes appropriate actions, thereby making their business a success. If ordinary people apply the same techniques while investing in property, then they can easily solve their problems related to it.

As in business, in making investments in property people should:

Identify and calculate all the risks involved
Mitigate or minimize each risk
Make a decision based on the overall risks involved

Controlling Fear

The first step in controlling fear is identifying fear. There will be a number of fears associated with investing in property. Identify all the fears associated with it. Once you have identified the fears, take necessary actions or counter-measures to mitigate or minimize each fear. But no counter-measure is foolproof. So, even after taking necessary counter-measures, some fear will be left off. This is called residual fear. You can adopt more counter-measures to overcome or minimize the residual fear. It all depends on how well you can identify and handle each fear.

Here is a guide which will help you to overcome your fears while buying a house

Residual Fears
Further Counter-measures
What if I lose my job and can’t pay the mortgage?
Buy a house that can be rented out easily so that the mortgage can be paid from the rent.
What if the tenant does not pay the rent?
Take an insurance which will cover this risk
What if the interest rates rise too much that I can’t afford to pay it?
Take a mortgage where interest rate can be fixed for a certain period of time.
What if the interest rate rises after the fixed period of time and becomes unaffordable?
Take a mortgage where the interest rate can be fixed for the whole term.
What if the equity share drops after I buy a house?
Do not sell the property until the equity share rises. Rent it out for this period
What if I have to sell before the equity share rises?
Take an insurance which will cover this risk.
What if I have to move out from the present place of living for any reason?
Buy a house that can be rented out easily so that the mortgage can be paid from the rent
What if the tenant does not pay the rent?
Take an insurance which will cover this risk
What if major repairs have to be undertaken and I cannot afford it?
Take insurance with comprehensive covers.
What if repairs for aspects not covered under comprehensive cover needs to be undertaken?
Take insurance for individual items not covered by comprehensive policy

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Benefits of a Natural Detox Diet

Benefits of a Natural Detox Diet – Stay Energetic following a Natural Detox Diet
With a natural detox diet, you experience a myriad of benefits, depending on how long the dieting period stretches out. For most people, the most notable result is weight loss. It is not the primary goal of detox, but it is nonetheless a highly appreciated one.

Other Benefits Of A Natural Detox Diet Include:
increase in energy
improved function of your immune system
lower cholesterol levels
better management of diabetes and high blood pressure
Natural detox diet and Detoxification of Your Body
To enjoy the best benefits of detox diet, you have to go the natural way. A holistic approach to detoxification is much better for the body. Pills, and other manufactured solutions are greatly discouraged, simply because they don’t work, regardless of how well they are advertised. And here comes the importance of a detox diet that is totally natural.
A natural detox diet follows simple and established facts like:
I. This diet insists on fruits and vegetables because these are rich in antioxidants, and vitamins, which are essential for the body.
II. This diet emphasizes on increased intake of water because the benefits of adequate hydration are well understood.
III. This diet encourages high fiber foods because they are better for your digestive system.
IV. This diet discourages alcohol, coffee, and processed foods, such as margarines and crisps because they are counterproductive to the end goal.
A natural detox diet is more sustainable because all its ingredients are easily obtainable. The key to maintaining the diet for many weeks is to ensure that you meet your minimum daily nutrition requirements. In other words, don’t cut out protein or carbohydrates completely from your diet. Even when detoxifying, your body still requires energy to function. Lean protein sources, and complex carbohydrates hardly impede on detoxification.
Detox Diets, Your Health, and a Natural Detox Diet
Detox diets are extremely popular in today’s health industry. Despite the increased conveniences of this modern life, more people are getting worried by the state of their health, and a handful of them look to detox diets to right some of the wrongs within their systems.
Do Detox Diets Work?
It’s a difficult question to answer. On one side, scientists argue that the effectiveness of these diets has not been demonstrated measurably. Dieticians and nutritionists, on the other hand, maintain that these diets do convey some desirable outcomes, such as higher energy levels. Regardless of where your allegiance lies, one thing remains constant- a detox diet does produces positive benefits, when they are well guided.
To conclude, to get the best health benefits of detox diets you should try out a natural detox diet plan that will ultimately yield positive result without causing any harm to your physic and mind because the ingredients included in this diet are all organic and free of harmful chemicals.