Saturday, 12 December 2015

Go Compare Insurance Sites

Comparison is the proven way to reduce your insurance premium with little effort. Some good sites like go compare and can offer best deals if used properly.

Some of the best rated Insurance Companies are:

Best Car Insurance Companies 2014 1. Saga - 90.92% overall

It would be pretty fine to say that Saga has stood in an outstanding place in 2014’s Driver Power and this is what makes it an ultimate winner. The insurer basically provides the best of policies to drivers who are more than 50 years of age and had ended up winning three categories and has fared truly well. It provides successful insurance so that it can break 90% barrier and has managed to earn it position under the top ten slots. One quite satisfied policyholder of Saga stated that they are always courteous and polite over the phone and do their best to provide customers with the best of deals.

2. Royal & Sun Alliance - 89.66% overall

After browsing through the scorecard we have come to the conclusion that there has been an improvement in every category. It comes with two per cent combined percentage and it is outside the top four in one of the categories. There is no doubt that policy holders are very much impressed with RSA covers and claim process that is nothing but simply outstanding and smooth. One of the customers stated that the company has always been standing for the customer and has provided assistance as and when needed.

3. Frizzell - 87.66% overall

There is no doubt that Frizzell's ranking is great and when it comes to settling of a claim it is a leader. At the same time the company provides reliable online ordering categories. However, there are a few areas where Frizzell needs to work on for example; informing customers regarding any claim at the 20th place do not make a good impression and it should work on area of ordering taking through telephone. A customer also stated that it leaves loads of things to be desired especially when the mode of contact is a phone and the customer had to do immense groundwork.

4. LV - 87.57% overall

Liverpool Victoria has another outstandingly positive year as it climbs into the top five slots without any fault and clean record. Motorists find it tough to complain or criticize about their cover. One of the customers also stated that LV is lucid and clear, ever willing to help and has no legal jargon to worry about. Also when you have a claim, the cover provider is ever willing to help you out. One of the Driver Power respondents also stated that he came up with a claim for extensive damage at one end of the car but they were very much polite and splendid about the entire episode. Everything went wonderfully!

5. NFU Mutual - 86.56% overall

If you wish to go for phone ordering, then NFU Mutual is undeniably great. However for speed settling claim, it is not quite beneficial at all. However, it has always been applauded and extolled for its “business-like” approach and great product range with a good specialist car cover. Even though it is not quite cheap, one of the customers stated that they provide utmost respect to their customers and value them not just as ‘premiums’ but as people.
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